New Year News December 31 2013

We've been grinding along for the past couple of months at Steady-On, getting bespoke orders finished and starting new ones. Early this year we'll be slowing down the bespoke side temporarily and getting some smaller products for sale on the site, along with some special larger pieces. Not much to show yet, but in lieu of that here's a photo of Crumble on the tablesaw:

Crumble tablesaw


The workshop is still in a state of semi-controlled chaos as we try and get it tidy and work on jobs at the same time, but that's coming along nicely with some potential for annexing an adjacent unit which will ease up our storage 'issues'. We've been lucky in avoiding a cold snap so far this winter, but we've got halfway through lagging the roof from the underneath with loft insulation, which has now overtaken stripping paint as my #1 Worst Job in the World.

We had a Christmas party (some grown men loitering around the ping-pong table and drinking booze), which resulted in me being very unwell all over the pavement outside the workshop, and all over our dining room floor at home. Still, you have to make an effort at this time of year. Please note the festive decorations on the aforementioned ping-ping table: