Custom Made


Here at Steady-On we offer a range of bespoke services, which can start with a slight alteration to one of our existing products and go right up to brand new, unique pieces.
We can build bespoke one-offs, kitchens, shop fittings, pretty much whatever you need. We also offer consultancy, prototyping and small(ish) scale manufacturing services for other design firms.

Private Bespoke Work

Our previous life was as a dedicated bespoke cabinetmaking outfit, so we're pretty used to this. If you've taken a look at our site and like our style then maybe you'd like us to build you something unique, with our high standard of workmanship and super special one-to-one service. You can come to us with even the vaguest of ideas and we'll help you flesh it out. Expect to pay a fair bit more than the prices of our standard products, and be prepared to wait a while. A minor alteration to an existing design might take 10 weeks, where a full scale design and build of a new piece could take several months. However, when you're sitting in your house with your one of a kind Steady-On coffee table/bookcase/boutique hatstand you won't remember any of that.

Design Consultancy

With a deep knowledge of traditional woodworking techniques and cutting-edge CAM we can help you bring most projects to life in our workshop. We can offer advice via email and in our office, run up full designs with you, or tweak your designs to get the most from manufacturing processes. At our workshop we can put together prototypes and small production runs for shows and photoshoots.


Notably, we've done great work with Evil Robot Designs, especially their Shazam! coffee table (pictured) and have developed a line of eco-friendly pine coffins with Arka Original Funerals.